Self Portrait

by Valerie on Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Harper’s Index:

Number of unfinished books under my bed: 4

Odds that my boyfriend will put on an interesting movie: 9 in 10

Ratio of siblings I have, half to full: 7:2

Average number of visits from my mom per week: 2

Average number of times I let out ghastly death farts per day: 3* (more if garlic is involved)

Max amount of cash I am willing to dish on quality shoes: $250

Time clocked in my first 5k race: 29:40

Approximate number of boys I’ve had huge crushes on: 17
(Exact number of whom I’ve loved: 2)

Fraction of cheat meals to healthy meals I eat per day: 2/6

Probability of good friends refraining from tagging an embarrassing photo of me on facebook within the next month: 0 (you never fail, you bastards!)

Quota of garments I should sew or reconstruct per week: 5

Chances that my boyfriend will kiss me goodnight tonight: 100%

Estimated number of minutes until sleepytime: 60, gotta go!

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