by Valerie on Friday, May 28, 2010

Photos by Francis

Babysitting duties and a conversation with my boyfriend and niece… babysitting my boyfriend, not my niece, just to clarify.

Francis: You wanna watch Alice in Wonderland?

Kristen: Oh, I watched that! There’s a rabbit with the watch and it’s ticking. Then she falls in the hole and her hair’s upside down…

Francis: I don’t think she’s seen it; it’s not even out yet.

me: She probably saw it in the theaters. Listen, she’s explaining the entire plot.

Kristen: And then she gives the monster back his eye. And the white queen—

me: Play something else. What about The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Have you seen it?

Kristen: Oh, I know that

Francis: Hmmm… I doubt you’ve seen that one, what happens then?

Uhhh, their neighbors are not like, that fantastic.

striped top – Comme des Garcons
necklace – originally Francis’s pocket watch (I used it as a pendant xD)
trousersuit – self-made from men’s trousers
silver rings – gifts from Loraine
socks – eBay
checkerboard shoes – Betsey Johnson



Haha. I remember that conversation. Creepy girl.

You’re the creepy girl…not Kristen. JUST TO CLARIFY 😛

LOL chutup! go make me a sandwich xD

i love this outfit! those overall shorts are so amazing, i love the shape. and you styled them so well with that striped top. ~joelle

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