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by Valerie on Thursday, June 10, 2010

photos by Francis

At the Micronesia Mall movie theaters, the early bird special is the first show of the day. It usually accommodates very little people. The kind of people who prefer to watch a movie in quiet than with a huge crowd. The ones who’d like their pick of the best seats in the house. They’d rather sneak in a footlong Italian BMT with the works on honey oat bread and extra provolone cheese than order a large popcorn at the concession stand. Also, they are willing to wake up 3 hours earlier than usual to save the extra 3 bucks. Hard times, man.

This is what I wore to watch Ironman 2, which wasn’t bad by any means, but wasn’t mind blowing either. The climax might have been seeing Scarlett Johansson in a catsuit. What-a-babe. Robert Downey Jr. is a curious fellow. I think I like him for his character flaws just as much as his razor sharp wit. I guess it’s just a whole lot more interesting to read the stories of people who have colossally screwed up and come back better for it. Rather than the ones who’ve done things right all the time from the start.

neneee carnival dress – (self-made)
neon glitter bracelet – gift from Kristen
classic friendship/beaded bracelets – thrifted
silver studded bangle – self-made
aqua bike shorts – flea market
sequined bowler shoes – wantedshoes


i love the photos in this set! they’re so cheery and colorful and match your carnival dress so well. 🙂

hey thank you >_< ah, I love color.

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