Rosemary’s Babydoll

by Valerie on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

“This is your pick, right? It’s either going to be a classic or gay.” That’s what Francis said as he peeled open envelopes from our latest Netflix shipments.

“Am I that predictable?” Close enough, the first was Wet Hot American Summer—a cult classic including the gay sex scene that will never again let me revere Bradley Cooper in a devilishly handsome heartthrob sort of light. Instead I will only ever picture him—him, with those piercing blue eyes, that wind-swept dirty blonde hair, my god the titillating five o’clock shadow—taking it IN THE BUTT.

Way to ruin it for a girl.

Spot on, the second was Rosemary’s Baby—a classic horror/thriller/drama. Except it wasn’t all that scary as I anticipated. I kept waiting for goosebumps crawl up my arms like the way it did when Georgie winked through the photograph in It; or the closet scene from The Ring when the school girl is curled up at the corner in a fetal position—nothing could prepare you for an expression of sheer terror like that. But the truth is, although very suspenseful, Rosemary’s Baby wasn’t scary at all. Discounting the idea of having super snoopy next door neighbors, which is pretty alarming in itself.

Instead I found myself distracted by protagonist Rosemary Woodhouse’s wardrobe and styling—teeny trapeze minis, over-sized lapels and collars, dainty pea coats, timeless Ferragamo flats, strappy summer skimmers, and best of all, babydoll silhouettes galore! *Sigh* She had a closet made of dreams.

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In one scene, Rosemary arrives home with a fresh pixie cut and asks her husband Guy what he thinks of the iconic new ‘do. Without a doubt, Guy says something along the lines of, oh, idk…it sucks. A familiar reaction. Just then, Francis and I both sneak sideways glances at each other. He must have caught some glare from the light bulb hovering over my head ’cause right away he says, “Nope, don’t even think about it. You promised you’d grow your hair out!” What’s it with dudes and a preference for long hair? This is an argument I can never win because a promise is a promise. Even though I’m terribly tempted to hack it all off with sewing shears in the next room.

braided hair headband – eBay
bow tie – self-made
gold onyx ring – heirloom from Mom
dress – reconstructed vintage


i hear you on the “dudes dig girls with long hair” statement. i’m actually getting my hair cut today and i keep tossing around the idea of completely chopping it to get a pixie cut or to just get a trim.

i used to have a pixie cut but grew it out to “fit in” better. every male friend that i’ve asked for an opinion about getting a “boy hair cut” has told me to just get a trim.

My sister recently cut her hair off (over two feet!) and her husbeast was horrified. We never understood why, she looked cute!

And oh man. Bradley Cooper. When he rocked that suit in the Hangover… *jaw drop*

I forget who said it, but remember reading somewhere that girls don’t dress for boys; they dress for themselves and for other girls. I’d cut my hair if not for Francis, but that’s only ’cause he got a side part once when I asked him to and it was a catastrophe! So the least I can do is reciprocate and grow my hair out when he asks me to 😉

hahaha, I love that you used the word ‘husbeast’! When I cut my hair, I got a whole lot of compliments from girls and gay guys (highest form of approval next to moms and grannies?) I think one dude liked it, but that’s probably ’cause he had eccentric tastes himself.

omg, yes! *faux orgasm* He was a dreamy Mcdreamingson in that movie. I have to admit Zach Galafianakis was a stud muffin (in his own way), too xD haha! are you ready to let the dogs out?

I agree about the highest form of approval 🙂 The weird thing is, she got the most compliments from the men at our tattoo shop–the manliest of the man hierarchy!

I honestly don’t think BC is my kind of man. I’m more of a Ben Barnes, Noah Wyle kind of girl. Skinny, with the attitude of too much brain.

I like the way you styled your hair. It’s pixie-esque!

If I could have Rosemary’s closet, I think I’d die a [mostly] happy girl.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

Thanks, Mae Lu 🙂

He’s honestly not my type either. I just liked his character in the Hangover mostly–nice to look at, but maybe not the kind I’d introduce to the parents? Gosh, is that a mean thing to say? Edward Norton and Charlie Kaufman will always be my favorite cutie pies. Well, them and this one Filipino boy named Francis 😀

I googled the two guys you mentioned and just can’t see it. We just have different tastes, I think. Except maybe the part about boys with brains. Smart is sexeh 🙂

Ill never get over my crush of a pixie cut, probably because I cant pull it off, unless I try to imitate Mariacarlas’s…

I will say that once I got my long straight hair trimmed into a more subverted shag, even my boyfriend acknowledged it was much more me (aka young and sexy haha) ; )

Who is Mariacarlas? I feel you on the pixie cut. I think they tend to look best on girls with big, doe eyes and petite noses–neither of which I have, sadly. Ah, I guess some things are best left to admire from afar. You are lucky you’ve found a style that suits you though. I keep trying different style, but haven’t found one that feels like me yet.

I actually have large eyes and a small mouth & nose, but unfortunately a rather long face too, which supposedly makes me ineligible for pixie cut (though I think Liv Tyler always looked great in it..) and there’s Mariacarla.

Btw my bloomers came in! They are so damn cute! I’d like to wear them to work, but I gotta figure out how to style them to make them appropriate haha. (I work at a very casual art gallery)

Sorry about the long response!

Even if you put Liv Tyler in a banana suit, she’d still look fantastic! haha! Mariacarlas wears that ‘do well. If you’re feeling brave, you should give it a try too. Whenever I’m trying out a new cut and it doesn’t work out, still, it’s always a consolation to know that hair grows. At least you can say you gave it a go 🙂

Oh neat! I didn’t realize you ordered a pair xD I like to wear them under mini smock dresses and short full skirts just in case there’s a sudden gust of wind and it goes all Marilyn Monroe on me. They also look great over opaque tights.

I would so love to own that white trapeze dress from the third picture. My boyfriend keeps going on about long hair too, but I’m going along with it because every time I do cut mine I get envy of girls with nice long hair (regardless of how mine looks when it actually is long)!

Off to get a trim now, actually… ; )

Hehe.. The way I see it, it’s got to be all or nothing (really short or really long). It’s that awkward in between length that always tempts me to chop it all off again. I am trying to be more patient though.

love babydoll

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