by Valerie on Friday, July 16, 2010

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no. I’m not referring to the hyped vampire series. Sadly it’s not the hankering Elliott Smith song either.

twi·light (twī’līt’)
a. The diffused light from the sky during the early evening or early morning when the sun is below the horizon and its light is refracted by the earth’s atmosphere.
b. The time of the day when the sun is just below the horizon, especially the period between sunset and dark.
2. Dim or diffused illumination.
3. A period or condition of decline following growth, glory, or success: in the twilight of his life.
4. A state of ambiguity or obscurity.

floral wreath – salvaged from my niece’s communion veil
Sleepyhead romper – self-made
silver moonstone ring – gift from Loraine
nude flats – Capezio

It might have been too predictable to wear a star romper on the fourth of July. That night we found a good spot near the bay to ensure clear view of the fireworks. Isn’t that what happens after you’ve made the switch from adolescence to early adulthood? Things that were fun when you were a kid become exciting again. Like playing Scattegories around a coffee table or boonie stomping adventures. Or do I kid myself into thinking this, obviously still suffering from the Peter Pan syndrome?

Every time a really impressive fat one shot up and exploded in mid-air, the kids behind us yelled, “Whoa, Whoooooaaa, I like that one!” My eyes were following the little one, overshadowed by its preceding spectacles, barely making it somewhere below center show, just before scattering haphazardly like a dozen inebriated Tinkerbells.

photos by Francis


That last photo definitely looks like something you’d see in stock art or in a magazine about discovering magic.

Everything about this is so professionally and artfully done.

I need a romper, I haven’t found one that isn’t gobs of cash. this looks so amazing. Great fit. You’re so adorable! The back light and the reflectors make you look so luminous, almost as if you’re a wood sprite!

I love it.

Thanks, Mae Lu! It’s really all Francis’s hard work. I just stand around and try to look cute, occasionally wiping the sweat from his forehead 😛

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