Friends from Afar

by Valerie on Friday, December 10, 2010

Hi! Valerie,

Thank you for your mail and finishing the dress so fast.
Can’t wait to wear the beautiful dress!

By the way, you live in Guam!!!
No wonder some background of your photos is so beautiful.
My little sister is going to have a wedding in Guam this October.
So excited to visit Guam! The nature must be amazing!

I will let you know once I received the dress.
Have a great weekend!

7 August 2010 1:51pm EDT

Hey Yuko,

Oh, awesome! Yep, nature here is very nice. Folks from Japan often come here for weddings and vacation because of it. Especially the beaches… which I’m sure you will love if you are planning to visit. Also, congrats to your sister! I hope you will enjoy the island while you are here and if you ever wanna meet up, feel free to send me an email anytime.

Take care,
8 August 2010 5:36am EDT

yuko and me

Hi! Valerie,

I’ve received the polar dress, and I love it sooooo much!
This is one of the most beautiful dresses that I have.
It’s gorgeous, unique and fun!!!
Besides, it fits me like a glove everywhere.
Thank you so much for making the beautiful and flattering dress.
Also thank you for the lovely earrings!
These earrings are perfect with the vintage-y dress!

By the way, can I buy fabrics like this dress using in Guam?
I am making curtains or interior things; and it’s pretty hard to find such beautiful western-pattern brocades where I live.
If there is any fabric shop selling them in Guam, I’d love to check them out.

Thank you again for the amazing dress!
You made my day!

16 August 2010 9:45am EDT

yuko clothes horse dress

Oh wow, awesooome! Thanks for including a lovely picture ^_^ You look amazing in your new dress, Yuko. I am so happy it fits just right and that you love it. And anytime, it was my pleasure to customize it for you.

Also, yep, of course. You can find that particular brocade here on Guam at one of the local fabric stores. The place is called ‘Fabric Mart’ and it’s owned by a nice old Korean couple. They import beautiful fabrics and such from Seoul. It’s located away from the tourist district, but Guam is so small that I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find. If you have trouble locating it though, please feel free to drop me a line while you’re here and I’d be happy to show you the way.

Well, I hope you’re enjoying your week so far. Take care for now!

18 August 2010 8:15am EDT

Hi! Valerie,

Thank you for your mail.
I have googled the “Fabric Mart”.
Is it the one in the Compadress Mall in the Dededo area?
If so, I think I can get there somehow.

My husband and I have bought our house recently; so I am making curtains and decorating our home.
It’s really great to know that there are some good fabric stores in Guam.
Now I have so many plans for my Guam visit, even though I don’t have much time there.
It’s going to be busy! How excited!!

By the way, this summer is crazy hot and humid in Japan; hope it’s more comfy in Guam.
Take care and have a nice weekend!

19 August 2010 11:23am EDT

yuko at fabric store

Hey Yuko,

Yep, that is exactly where it is. I hope you’ll find some suitable fabrics for your new home. That’s pretty cool how how you’ll be making your own curtains!

Oh man, Guam is no different–hot and humid would be an understatement for how it feels here. Ah, but it’s the best kind of weather for a nice swim. I imagine it’s much better than the biting cold too, so I won’t complain too much about it 😉

Well, enjoy your weekend also and take care for now!

20 August 2010 5:13am EDT

yuko apple pendant

Hi! Valerie,

How’s it going?
Hope everything is going well with you.

Finally my schedule in Guam is all set.
Although I don’t have much time to be there, I thought it would be nice if we can meet up or have a drink, of course only if it’s convenient for you.

My schedule is as follows.

10/3 (Sun) Arrive at Guam at night
10/4 (Mon) Sightseeing & Rehearsal Dinner
10/5 (Tue) The wedding in the morning
10/6 (Wed) Departure in the afternoon

So, Tuesday’s afternoon or evening might be nice for me.
Let me know what you think.

My mail address is *hi, how are you?*
Please feel free to reach me directly.

By the way, I love your new dresses! They are so adorable!!!

1 October 2010 4:40pm EDT

Omiyage from Japan:
yuko gift

Dream girls… not.
dream girls. not
Yuko wears: dress by Anthropologie, shoes by Anne Klein and (the cutest apple pendant) necklace by Unoaerre via Gilt Groupe.
I am wearing: self-made velvet romper, necklace from *can’t remember, deadstock tights from Salvation Army, and shoes by F-Troupe.

yuko outtake
Thanks for visiting, Yuko!


What a cute entry!! I can’t believe Yuko came all the way from Japan and you two were able to meet up. I especially love the fact that you went fabric shopping together and are holding the exact bolt of fabric that The Clothes Horse dress is fashioned from!

I knooooow, it was such an exciting experience! I really wish I could meet more of my internet pals in real life, but living so far away makes it so difficult. Yuko was just as kind in person as in her emails. It was kind of funny how she bought some clothes horse fabric for her curtains and I bought some of her curtain fabric for a new dress design xD

Awww! It’s so wonderful when you can meet new friends, especially from the internets! She is so adorable (so are you!)

I love meeting blogger friends in real life. Some of my current real life best friends were, at one point, my internet friends first. 🙂

My husband was my internet friend before we move in together. (Oh, MySpace!)

I love how you put the correspondence in there, so we could see the development of the friendship, too! So cute!

If I’m ever out that way, I wouldn’t mind stopping in Guam to meet you and your epic lovely-ness!

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

For sure, Mae Lu, it’d be nice to meet up! Even if you are just in transit and never leave the airport, we might still be able to ’cause I am working the graveyard shift there 😉 The internet is kind of amazing, I love being able to make a connection with someone hundreds of thousands of miles away.

I was wary of how the messages might look though. Like hi-nice-to-meet-you-let’s-hang-out. But I ended up editing a lot out from our exchange of messages for the sake of keeping the blog entry nice and short (and still it’s a relatively long entry compared to my previous posts).

Anyway, hope you’ve been doing well. Long time no chat, yea know?

I’m quite fascinated by the fact you live in Guam (I completely admit to not knowing it existed until coming across you). Judging by the photos you take, it’s a lovely place, and I’m trying to imagine ways to build it into an itinerary some way! ; )

Yuko’s so cute too!

Kaylyn sadler

Your dresses are beautiful! Where is this Fabric Mart you speak of? A friend and I are looking for a fabric store other than Ben Franklin. We live on Big Navy. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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