Theme Day: Chen Man

by Valerie on Monday, April 9, 2012


Spring has sprung and newness is trickling in.

special packaging
The collection, a collaboration between MAC and Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man, was inspired by love and water — two things essential to life. The not-so-essential: pretty packaging.

love and water
Mineralize duo eyeshadows were baked to form the yin and yang symbol — a neat detail. But I swear by Force of Love lipstick and fluid line gel liner in Waveline.

I was able to salvage these collars from old uniform blazers. Add little Chinese ball buttons to make it more cohesive to our theme and they are the sex!








face chart

Also, completely off subject, but over the weekend my mom played this song while riding in her car. She’s so groovy!


Hey hey hey.

that was fast!

Oh lol. Wanted to see how my sista is??lol. How’s the cloths thingy goinh

:o) baaah, haven’t made anything new for the shop lately. how’s the gym thing going?

Lol. Oh oh. Good good. I Did hit my goal to drop to 240,now new goal is 220.and that it’s.anymore than that Might just look sick and not match at Still up at dfs??

any more that that and you might just keel over. slow down there guy!

oh yeah, still at dfs, but the galleria now, not airport


Lol. Hey if you see me now, ull Mawiyah She said holy cow Jeorge.u I told her well I ain’t getting any smaller.but I did drop from

just don’t beat me up meeztah buff!

How’s franchise??? You guys married yet??

Lol. Come knowe I ain’t roll like that.ladies are who i respect in the -‘aiiiiilol

I was just keeding xD Francis, he’s been a busy bee. I’m not sure how I feel about marriage though.

Lol. Why come?? It’s been.,, what now 6 years??i think.but hey who am I to ask that question right?? So I apologize for that.

7, and no need to say sorry, it’s cool. Marriage itself is just a-whole-nother conversation is all.

Lol.deng 7 and still growing strong..oh about kids?? Nothing yet??

oh gosh, he’s all the kid I can handle *_*

Lol. That why you lover Still stay same place??

yep, still here

Lol.ok you should try and encourage the girls to come visit.that would be nice huh. Oh well hey Val I’ll catch you later k.have a nice day

You too, Jorgie!

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