1 Venomous Villain and 1 Dalmatian

by Valerie on Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Here are a couple of quick shots snapped on my way out the door. In the first photo, I was trying to do my best Cruella De Vil impersonation without looking too much like a meanie. Here’s to hoping the cute puppy will compensate.

This year we opted out of trick-or-treating knowing full well that I’d be paying for it during my graveyard shift later on that night. A few days ago Kneil recommended AMC’s new series The Walking Dead (thanks, Kneil!) and I figured it’d be the perfect time to watch the pilot episode. It seemed all too familiar (28 Days Later, anyone?) so I’m not quite sold yet, but it usually takes a few episodes to get reeled in anyhow. I love the idea of a western zombie series though! Western anything, really.

faux fur shawl – self-made
dual patterned dress – self-made
crushed velvet gloves – from my boss (bought at the Dungeon costume shop)
peep toe buckle booties – Steve Madden


Loving it, Valerie! Pretty ingenious, simple to do, and without going over the top!

Your makeup is perfect, too.

Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

I love your costume!! I can’t believe you made it (i mean, i can believe it because you’re one of the most talented ladies i know, but it looks AMAZING!).

How did you color your hair? It’s perfect for Cruella!

you should totally watch the series 🙂 the comic series is great and the first episode is really close to the original comic issue. ^_^

For sure, I will give it a shot, Andie 🙂 Usually I give it 3 episodes in and if I’m not into it by the third, then I’ll drop it. A plus that it’s based on a comic book series, too!

Thanks, Katrina! My hair was done with temporary spray-on hair color and a whole lotta teasing xD

Thankies Mae Lu, I was actually hoping to be someone else for Halloween this year, but being Cruella was required for work so I still tried to rock it pretty hard. And thanks for your comment about my make-up 🙂 I’ve been really into playing around with make-up lately so that’s nice of you to take notice 🙂

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