Power Animal

by Valerie on Wednesday, September 22, 2010

power animal
sweater, bag, and loafers – vintage
jeans – Miss Sixty

When it’s pouring outside, all I wanna do is curl up on the couch with a good book and a fluffy comforter. But I promised Gab we’d cheer for her at her dance exhibition so the next best thing was this cozy sweater.

After penguins mate, they share parental duties. The papa penguin will fast and incubate the egg while the mama penguin travels to sea in search of food. He’ll brave the cold winter living off his fat stores for up to 2 months. When the mama penguin comes back, they switch roles. If the egg hatches before the mama penguin arrives, the papa penguin—even in a fasted state—can regurgitate a substance from his throat that will allow the baby penguin to feed for up to 2 weeks. Also, they are very cute.


Yep, they are cute. But they bite. I love your little prince backdrop!

I was just improvising ’cause the original background turned out all overexposed and yuck :o)

Actually, that is how I feel everyday. There’s something comforting about a couch and loving, cozy sweaters and blankets.

I also have a thing for penguins. And ducks. There’s just something about cute birds that look like live, snuggly cartoons.

Valerie, your skin is perfect.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

my skin secret is clinique’s 3-step for combination skin and MAC’s BB cream!

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