Sweet n’ Salty

by Valerie on Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Tooth silhouette

Sweet Tooth back

Sweet Tooth stairs

Sweet Tooth detail2
Photos by Francis

My initial thought was to sneak some pictures in at an ice cream parlor like Cold Stone, but then I thought maybe that’s too literal? Besides, unless it’s Selecta’s Double Dutch, I’m just not a huge fan of ice cream to begin with. Much less terribly sweet, ridiculously overpriced ice cream. The truth is, I am feeling kind of phony wearing this dress because lately when I crave for something indulgent, it’s either a big bowl of pasta or something salty like dried meat, or—I’m embarrassed to admit—deep fried something. (There. I said it. Okay?)

Sweet Tooth monkey

But it’s still a fun textile anyhow. And it ties in so well with the new dress pattern. Hmmm, although now I’m wondering where to find spaghetti and meatball novelty fabrics. That’s something I can get really excited about 😀

Shelly's London shoes

Please disregard my gross feet. I wanted to talk about these shoes. While I was trying them on, I couldn’t decide whether they were ugly or awesome; now it’s pretty clear that they are ugly-awesome. Lucite heels always conjure up drag queen/stripperella connotations for me, but I like it combined with completely different materials—the natural wooden soles and pops of color from the leather straps. Three elements you wouldn’t think would go, but do in a strangely tasteful way. It reminds me how Ben Folds sings in Wandering, “Remember that? You told me you can’t match your clothes.” I imagine the person who designed these shoes had trouble matching too and appreciate how it looks very deliberate without looking so matchy matchy. Kinda like the way this picture is compared to the ones above it.

Neneee Sweet Tooth Dress and studded bangle – self made
shoes – Shellys London


Wow, Valerie, those shoes are brilliant. I don’t think they’re ugly awesome. They’re fierce without being beautiful, but I can’t bring it in myself to describe them as ugly. They’re definitely not repugnant. They’re intriguing and avant garde. Architectural without the stripper style. I love them. And your feet aren’t gross.

The dress, however, is another matter. It is absolutely charming in the most confection-esque way. It’s sugary without being frothy and overly sweet, it’s girly without being childish.I would most definitely wear this. I love it.

Last item that has nothing to do with the outfit: your skin is the epitomé of flawlessness. I’m jealous.

Mae Lu, thereafterish.

i don’t even know where to start with the dress. the print? the fit? the three bows on the back? pure genius! plus, i’m such a sucker for bows…

don’t even get me started with those shoes. the association with lucite and strippers definitely did not pop into my mind when i saw these. i think i was too enamored with the way the wood was incorporated into the funky heel. they are GORGEOUS!

Mae Luuuuu, you are very kind. But don’t let good lighting and make-up fool you into thinking I have flawless skin! I break out just as much as the next gal (especially around that time of the month). If you look closely, you could even see a little zit smack dab on the center of my chin 😛

Okay, maybe the heels aren’t heinously ugly, but there are certain details about them that I definitely don’t like. For instance, how the straps are so thin. And I do wish the wooden platform was a little more chunky–not just for ease of walking, but it’d also be more aesthetically pleasing that way. Overall, the good elements outweigh the bad though.

The dress turned out exactly the way I wanted it to ^_^ I love it when that happens!

Thanks, Katrina! I can’t resist adding bows to EVERYTHING.

That dress is sooooo redonkulously cute. Those shoes are pretty sick too, so weird but I thoroughly enjoy them! GAH. A well juxtaposed outfit, you are unstoppable.

I’m immensely intrigued by that picture of you in the tree. I simply can’t imagine how you got up there, (even without the heels) and you seem to be walking vertically! The dress is lovely. I love the fit, though I confess I’m not sure I would go around covered in cupcakes!

Hey Emily! How’s it going in Mexico? I tried to comment on your blog except there wasn’t any name/email option :/
You have my sympathy about not being able to wear a cardigan out anytime after morning though. Guam is crazy hot and humid like Mexico.
Also, I still haven’t forgotten about your dress. Has it been two weeks yet? Let me know when you’re all settled and I can ship it out to you (no rush though).

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