by Valerie on Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day two of my black love affair. I reconstructed this romper from a secondhand dress. I’m really happy with how the overall silhouette turned out, but it’s just a little too tight for me around the pant openings. So it’ll probably end up in the shop.

Salvaging old materials is good for the conscience and creativity. It forces me to be more innovative when I have only so little to work with. The down side is if I know I won’t be able to recreate the same piece, I’m more reluctant to let it go.

romper – Neneee
braided sash belt – thrifted
necklace – gift from Francis
studded bangle – handmade by me
onyx ring – heirloom from Mom
platforms – Pierre Hardy for Gap


by Valerie on Friday, March 26, 2010

Just when I start to get over wearing black, it becomes a requirement. Mieko says I look like a bohemian. Francis says I look like a bourgeois old lady. I say their viewpoints completely contradict each other. For the most part, I mean, I kinda just wanna look like me.

wide brim hat – vintage
cardigan – Forever 21
feather fringe necklace & studded bangle – handmade
rock bracelet – gift from my friend, Michelle
navajo beaded bracelet – Gallop USA
smocked maxi dress – Ross
clogs – Miu Miu


Rebecca’s Hair

by Valerie on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Rebecca of The Clothes Horse contacted me about creating a special commission for her, I was pretty excited to see what would come of it. I love working on collaborations with nice people; it breaks the monotony of having to work independently all the time. It’s also really cool to see what someone else can bring to the table. With a fresh and different perspective, she might choose a fabric I wouldn’t normally go with or a challenging silhouette.

She wanted to base it on this whole “court jester” motif I made in some of my previous shop items. The idea would be to construct a dress that would be made from two separate fabrics on either side. It could either be the same pattern in contrasting colors or two different patterns with a similar color palette. We both decided to go with the latter after narrowing it down to about a dozen combinations.

She said she preferred an overall bell silhouette, 3/4 sleeves, pockets (a must!), and maybe even a little V dip at the back. I took note of everything and got to work.

My boyfriend always pokes fun of how kindergarten my sketches look. Apparently, I am not the arteest that he is; but that’s okay because he can’t flip a perfect miniature grilled cheese sandwich. We have our strengths, I suppose.

After drafting and cutting, it’s time for some actual sewing. (Yep, those are coasters I use as weights for the pattern!)

The final product (on Rebbeca)

The rate at which I point out Rebecca’s hair is borderline creepy. Like Crispin Glover in Charlie’s Angels kind of creepy. On her blog, I leave comments like, “I can’t decide whether I love your dress more, or your hair!” and “I just want to braid it!” Rebecca looks like how Joanie from Mad Men would look if she had been 10 years younger, 25 pounds lighter, and was admitted to law school instead of the secretarial work force. So can you really blame me?

Self Portrait

by Valerie on Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Harper’s Index:

Number of unfinished books under my bed: 4

Odds that my boyfriend will put on an interesting movie: 9 in 10

Ratio of siblings I have, half to full: 7:2

Average number of visits from my mom per week: 2

Average number of times I let out ghastly death farts per day: 3* (more if garlic is involved)

Max amount of cash I am willing to dish on quality shoes: $250

Time clocked in my first 5k race: 29:40

Approximate number of boys I’ve had huge crushes on: 17
(Exact number of whom I’ve loved: 2)

Fraction of cheat meals to healthy meals I eat per day: 2/6

Probability of good friends refraining from tagging an embarrassing photo of me on facebook within the next month: 0 (you never fail, you bastards!)

Quota of garments I should sew or reconstruct per week: 5

Chances that my boyfriend will kiss me goodnight tonight: 100%

Estimated number of minutes until sleepytime: 60, gotta go!

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